Why you’ll NEVER be truly happy slimmer

Do you think you’d be happy when you’re slimmer?
Do you believe that your life will truly change when you reach your target weight goal?
Whilst this is an amazing target to have in mind, it can’t be further from the truth.
2.5 yrs ago I was at my leanest.
I thought I looked amazing.
But that’s all it was!
Just an empty shell.
My life was shattered, my confidence was in pieces and I couldn’t see a way out.

Was that because of my constant chase of my ideal body proportion?No, I don’t think so, but that did play a big part in it.
But overlooking on other MORE important things in my life I truly believed that once I reached that PERFECT bodyweight everything will change completely and I would’ve found my inner peace.

The truth is that unless you actually work on your self believe, on your confidence, on your inner power and beauty – you’d NEVER be truly happy with yourself.

No matter how you look

Ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • How would my ideal weight goal change ME as a person? – I’m not talking about any physical appearance here. Think about it for a second. Of course if there’s the health element attached to it where you MUST  lose weight for whatever health reason then it’s a totally different matter. But what if there isn’t?
  • Do you TRULY want to reach your weight target? – Sometimes we’re petrified of what might lies ahead. Sometimes we associate that particular end goal with something so terrible that subconsciously we sabotage every single effort that we make in order to reach that goal.
  • Are you prepared for the change ahead? – Losing weight DOES NOT equal happiness! If you never accepted yourself the way you look now, you’d never change the perception of YOU once reach your goal. If you don’t believe you truly deserve that change, going after it will feel wrong for all sorts of reasons and achieving it will ALWAYS feel out of reach.

I can’t MAKE you start believing in yourself!

I can’t MAKE you see your TRUE potential in this world.

Because it’s something you’d have to find on your own.


But you are here, on this planet, to make your statement and to leave your mark.

And that has NOTHING to do with how you look.

The way you think others see YOU is how you project your own thoughts through them.

And do you TRULY need the approval of others to feel awesome in your own skin?



Love, Peace and Laughter
#iamgoodenough #stopbingeeating #eatnutrition

Elena Terziyska

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