Why Do We Compare Ourselves To Others?


What is it that THAT woman has that YOU don’t have?

Is she happier?

Is she slimmer?

Does she look more confident?

Is she wearing that dress that you’d love to be able to rock but you don’t think you can ever look as good?

Is she driving the car that you’d love to drive?

Is she better than you?


Does this sound familiar to you?

When it comes to comparison we subconsciously always list the things that we’re really think we lack in and never seem to have enough of.

Why is that?

Is this the way to evoke a stimuli to get us to where we want to be?

Not really…


See, the thing is that when we compare ourselves, we always put ourselves in a negative state of mind.

We start the “like for like” thought process of one negative thought, that leads to another negative one and etc etc.

As Rhonda Byrne describes in “The Secret’ – the more you think of something bad in your mind, the more you end up thinking about other bad things and you create even more negative experiences.

Always concentrating on the things that are never going right in your life or the things that you don’t have will hardly open up your eyes on the things that are going RIGHT right now! Or the things that you actually have RIGHT now!

Believing in yourself, in your capacity, in your capability of achieving your dreams is something that you can start right now!

You have the power to create and shape your life EXACTLY the way you want it!

You CAN have all the things that you want (if you truly want them)

You CAN be happy (it all starts with a small feeling, remember how “like attracts like”)

You CAN have that wonderful relationship where you feel loved and cherished all the time.


Sounds too profound? Too good to be true?

It actually isn’t it.


It all starts with a thought!

Change the way you think about life, about yourself, about your relationship, about your family.

Feel the joy, gratitude for everything that you have RIGHT now and once you learn how to attract those kind of thoughts in your head, you’d be able to see how your life unfolds right in front of your eyes.

Be grateful, be thankful, be loving.

To YOURSELF first and foremost!




Love, Peace and Laughter


P.S I’ll leave you with an amazing poem that I’ve stumbled upon by James T. Moore:


One And Only You


Every single blade of grass,

And every flake of snow –

Is just a wee bit different…

There’ no two alike, you know


From something small, like grains of sand.

To each gigantic star

All were made with THIS in mind:

To be just what they are!


How foolish then, to imitate –

How useless to pretend!

Since each of us comes from a MIND

Whose ideas never end.


There’ll only be just ONE of ME

To show what I can do –

And you should likewise feel very proud,

There’s only ONE of YOU!


That is where it all starts

With you, a wonderful

Unlimited human being.


James T. Moore





Elena Terziyska

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