What is your ME time? Do you feel like you deserve it?

you are good enough

Hey everyone!

In this busy life, how do you find time to unwind? I mean in terms of completely letting go, clearing your mind and NOT DO ANYTHING?

I’ve just booked a Spa weekend with my girlfriends and it’s just the 3 of us going for a weekend away, soaking in baths, having massages done and all the bliss associated with it!

Us 3 have been friends since we’ve been 6/7yrs old. That’s almost 28/29yrs!!! Yet, this is the FIRST time we’re actually going away for a weekend together.

I love my family!
I love my job!
I love training!
But most importantly


I think one of the hardest thing to grasp is to find the TRUE BELIEVE that you deserve something good in your life! Truly, truly believe that!

Sometimes is the gut “guilt feeling” that by thinking of YOU first you are not thinking more of the others!
I’d say it’s the biggest bullshit ever!

If you DON’T take care of yourself how can you possibly take care of others?

If you’re truly unhappy in your own self, don’t believe that ANYTHING is possible and you deserve LESS, what kind of message do you send out to the others whom you might be trying to help?

I had a shitty day yesterday…
And I was in a really foul mood…
You know, that place where you just can’t face anyone and you feel you’re truly lost and you’ve lost your purpose in life.

That’s COMPLETELY normal!

Everyone has those kind of fears every now and again and it’s OK!

But don’t let them overcome your life. Look at what positive you can extract from them and move forward.

Don’t be harsh on yourself! You will most likely fail a lot of the times!
And failure is an amazing learning tool if used correctly.

Rather than beating yourself up about what you’ve done wrong, flip the page and think what you can do to do it better next time.


That’s my main message for you my lovelies!



Peace, Love and Laughter

Elena Terziyska

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