What Does a 300 kCal Breakfast Look Like?

What do 300 kCal breakfast choices looks like?

Ultimately everything we do in life comes down to choices – right or wrong, who is to say?

Yes, calorie is just a calorie.

Yes, the total amount of them matters most to any fat loss protocol.

But have a look at the 2 pictures below.

One is from my breakfast this morning and the other one is from a famous cereal brand.

All the TV adverts and magazines and programs will do their best to persuade you how the right choice is your best one (lower calories, slowly releasing carbs etc etc)

And that’s where I get so angry with all the bullshit that comes from mass media.

Both breakfasts have approx 300 kCal in them.

The one of the left will provide you with the following:

Protein, fat, Omega 3, carbs and plenty of vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients and fibre all of which are a VITAL part of a healthy human body. They will keep you fuller for much, much longer and will supply you with a big part of your daily recommended vitamins and minerals allowance.

The right one will provide you with pretty much nothing.
Yes, it has been fortified with many vitamins and etc etc but just think outside the box and ask yourself – does something that has a year long shelf life TRULY helps my wellbeing?

If you’re only looking to shift fat and don’t care about anything you eat – you can have as many as you want from them. Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

But how about thinking outside the box and if you CARE about your body more than just the fact that you’re looking to lose extra pounds and you want to feel nourished, healthy and full of energy, which option would you go for?

Choice, my lovelies, always comes down to choice…


Peace, Love and Laughter

P.S Btw, the whole “egg yolk – high cholesterol”l malarkey “coincidentally” came up just as a very famous cereal brand came up on the market and introduced their “very healthy” cereal brand. I’ll leave the final thoughts to you :




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Elena Terziyska

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