Do I want to lose weight?

Do I want to lose weight?

Is that thought still lurking on the back of your mind?

Do you recognise the repeated pattern

This whole never ending cycle can truly take over your life.

And sometimes after a lot of failed attempts, it’s soooo easy to get stuck in the overeating / emotional eating place that you don’t see a way out.

So here’re my 3 steps on how to break that cycle so you can live a life free of diets, overeating and the constant need to lose weight.

1. Hey you, do you remember you? – Did you give up on some of the things that you truly enjoy because life has already lost its current appeal to you? How is your confidence level, what do YOU do to bring yourself more joy in your life?

When you’re so caught up in something that you feel you’re failing at it’s very easy to transfer that kind of energy to everything else in life – the place of undeserving has taken a very good hold on you and you have probably deprived yourself of something that makes you smile or gives you pleasure just because you don’t deserve it.

So I urge you TODAY – not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY – go and do something that you truly enjoy. Book yourself a spa day, get a new hair colour, book a day out in the next city and have the time of your life.

Because you deserve it!

2. Start going to nature more often – connect it with the source and feel its power over you. When everything else seems so closed and overwhelming, put your most comfortable shoes on and get outside!

Raining? – Get an umbrella and wellies

Snowing? – Well, be clever here, I’m not urging you to go out and get snowed in but even a 5-10mins walk in the cold will really clear your brain and reset your senses.

Too hot? – Wait until it has cooled down a bit.

Too cold? – Get some layers on.

There’s always a way to…. well, find a way! Daily walks outside should be a staple thing in anyone’s life.

3. Turn the “I can’t” into “How can I”?

Simply changing that kind of mantra in your head will open up possibilities in your life that you didn’t even imagine. Your brain will be seeking ways to get you the results that you desire so you’d be no longer stuck. I can’t should never be an option – ask the question and you will find the answer,

Notice that I never mentioned food or exercise in the above statements.

Yes I believe that both are a very important part but that’s not the point today

The point is learning to change your thought process around various aspects in your life so you transition that into creating a happier, more joyful and more deserving YOU.

Once this becomes natural – the rest of results will follow.

​All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter

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Elena Terziyska

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