Wake up call

I was lying in bed the other night, reading a little love story novel on my phone.

As trashy as some people might find it I still believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than a pure love story.


A little message popped up on my phone from someone who had tagged me on Instagram.

And my heart swelled up!

The message was really sweet from a young girl who was following my advice and how it helped her with a lot of her decisions, how she was concentrating more on herself and how she is moving forward.

And that was my positive thought just before bed.

To know that I’m touching people’s lives and helping them move forward is absolutely incredible!

And call me selfish but there’s nothing better than feeling pleased about how I’m able to help other women!

See the concept of selfish is so underrated!


People assume (love that phrase btw, it always reminds me of what my teacher used to say – “assume” simply means making “ass” of “u” and “me”) that just because you’re doing something for YOURSELF that makes you a bad human being.


But what if that one thing that you do for yourself simply transports your energy to everyone else around you?

What if you take care of yourself and that makes you happy and therefore makes you so much more pleasant to be around?

What if YOU taking care of YOU first and foremost helps everyone else that you wanted to help simultaneously?

Because it’ll lead to a string of amazing events, inevitably!

One smile is simply contagious, it leads to even more smiles!

One good dead leads to more good deeds and so on and so forward!

And the small snowball will create the big avalanche!

And you can easily end up with everything you’ve ever wished for!




Love, Peace and LaughterIMG_0573


Elena Terziyska

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