To Vote Or Not To Vote???

Oh blimey!


I can’t believe I’m about to make a comment on a political subject.

See, I hate politics!

No, hate is too strong word for me! – I never use that.

I DISLIKE politics.

Everyone barks to protects their own views on any given subject and at the end they hardly fulfil their promises.


That was the first time when I actually decided to vote in the UK (for anyone outside of Europe, yesterday was the big referendum vote on whether UK should remain in the EU or not)


I don’t usually vote because I don’t believe that it makes any changes to the actual outcome anyway (that’s a whole other blog on that matter)

I decided to vote because I am Bulgarian. And I’m also British.

Because I don’t believe that excluding ourselves from something so much bigger is ever the actual decision.

Because we’re all part of one big family – and that’s the family of human race.

Separating ourselves from others simply alienates us eventually.


But that’s not the reason why I started this blog.

When I woke up this morning I knew that the response from everyone will be massive –irrespective of the outcome.

And what is the biggest emotion created once the results came through?




Utter, sheer panic!


What’s going to happen now?


What if we actually leave the EU?


How is that going to affect us?


Would we need visas when we visit other European countries?


Would other Europeans need visas when they come to visit?


What about possible recession?


What about the value of GBP?


What about the value of property?


And more, and more, and more…


But the biggest question that we should be asking ourselves in fact is – Why ARE we so scared of the unknown?

Why are we making all the assumptions?


Who the hell knows what’s going to happen?


Yes, I’m sad! I’m disappointed!


But you know what? I can’t dwell on all the ideas of the worst case scenarios because that’s going to get me NOWHERE!


It’ll simply allow me to stay in a negative mindset which will only attract more negative thoughts and more negative actions.


And that’s how it is with everything in life!


The law of attraction (whether you believe in it or not) simply works that way!

If you’re constantly thinking of the worst that can happen, you’d never see the good that will happen along the way.


And if you constantly think that it’s very hard to change your life – it probably will be. Because that’s how you’ve been planning it anyway.



All actions start with a thought!

Why not make it a positive one?

Believing that you can actually achieve something is taking the first step – better health, stronger mind, healthier body.


It’s all within your grasp!


And you’ve got the power to change the outcome for YOU!


Don’t lose it!




Love, Peace and Laughter




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Elena Terziyska

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