The 7 Rules Of Success

I was recommended this amazing marketing book by Peter J. Voogd called “6 months to 6 figures” and a lot of things he suggest can be applied to every day life, weight loss and binge eating battles.


Why do you keep failing? How many times have you caught yourself going after the next trend to drop the dreaded pounds and get nowhere? Was the diet shitty? Probably? But there could also be a deep underlying issues that trip you constantly on your way there.



  1. Stop gathering with miserable people!

Have you actually noticed how difficult it proves to be to stay at the surface when you’re the only person who is happy, content and cheerful? When most of your friends are constantly moaning at different things for different reasons and are never truly happy with what their life, it becomes much, much harder to actually rise at the surface and be the odd one out who is, well, happy! It feels like if you say you are in fact content with where you are in your life, you are somehow wrong? The harsh truth is to actually realise how these kind of people actually contribute to your happiness and are you ready to shift away from them. Yes they are probably your friends but ask yourself this – how would feeling miserably, unhappy and annoyed all the time actually help you with your growth?Mentally and physically? The sooner you realise that you’ve reached the point of being able to make decisions rather than simply following leads is the time when you KNOW you are going to change for the better even if it means cutting connections with some of your closest ones.


  1. Your excuses are directly linked to your weight

When your excuses go up, your weight does too – You don’t have time, your train broke down, it’s too cold, it’s too warm, it’s too hard, I’ll be the most unfit person there, everyone will laugh at me etc etc. I’m sorry if I have to lay it harsh but the truth is unless you actually stop bullshitting yourself and ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s never going to work! You’ll never see the end results because you put the brakes right from the start.


  1. Prioritise – 20% of your actions bring 80% of your results 

And that’s directly linked to the above. Having a good structure as to what fits where will help you with all your daily activities. Ask yourself this question – is what I’m doing now getting me closer to my goal? If not, is it worth my attention? Reduce the fluff and get the things that REALLY matter to you done before anything else.


  1. Shift your energy from blaming someone else

A lot of things happen to us without our agreement and trust me when I say that I have experienced that myself first hand. But what is the point in constantly blaming the things that happened to us for the actions that we take? It’s entirely up to YOU as to what actions you take and how they affect your life. You can hate, you can blame, you can be pissed – but these are emotions that you’ve chosen to allow to take control over you.


  1. Consistency improves mindset and emotional intelligence

there’s nothing more amazing than being spontaneous every now and again, it is in fact amazing thing to bring joy into your life. However not knowing what you’re doing tomorrow, next week or next month will never get you to your end goal.


  1. Clarity brings confidence, confidence raises standards

Being clear on what you want to achieve will help you increase your confidence by knowing the exact steps you’re going to take and the exact route you’re going to follow. By following the steps, you inevitably raise your standards of improving more!


  1. Having your standards high will help you take care of YOU more

which is the exact point above! You ARE important and you DO matter! The sooner you get a grasp of it the sooner your life will start changing!



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