How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

All the negative talk that you do to yourself is talking you out of your dreams.

How often do you catch yourself looking in the mirror wishing you looked different?

How often you’d catch an image in a magazine or social media and said to yourself, Oh boy, I wish I looked like that?

Why do you think that is?

How often do we tend to do that?

Why is it that we concentrate so much on what we feel we lack of rather than what we feel we have?

Confidence, my dear friend, is just like any other muscle – the more you use it, the more you grow it.

But first and foremost you have to find what your internal belief about confidence is.

Really ask yourself all those questions…

Do you feel on some subconscious level that being confident is wrong?

Is having an ego being disrespectful?

Is feeling amazing wrong?

When you’ve achieved something amazing do you sometimes feel that you didn’t deserve it?

And the one thing that you find true, comforting and reassuring is always to believe that others are much better than you.

Your brain and mind are incredible things. The more you repeat something to yourself, the more true you’d find it to be (even if it’s a completely bulshit).

But do you know what? If you have the slightest doubt that this shouldn’t be the way forward, you are absolutely right!

And the seed of the doubt has already been planted so let’s go and explore that.

That’s why when my clients come to seek help from me I always recommend these 3 important questions that everyone needs to ask themselves:

1. Is it true?

Everything that you keep telling to yourself, all the bad things, all the negative stuff – write it down! Face it, own all your fears and negativism.

Grab a pencil (not a pen) and a sheet of paper and just pour it all out. Then go ahead and really explore it and ask yourself – is this true?

2. How do I know it’s true?

I mean now really, really go deep within yourself and really ask that question. What you’d find most of the time is that you don’t have enough compassion for yourself and you most likely only tell yourself all those things when you simply don’t see a way out and can’t find a reason enough to think anything positive about yourself. A very, very big percentage of the time 99.99% (that whole 100% is bloody boring and so perfectionist-type) you’d find that it’s your own BS that is keeping you and dragging you down.

3. How would my life change if none of this is true

Now go ahead and rewrite the whole sheet! And change all the negative into a positive affirmations.

e.g I’m not good enough to

I am good enough!!!

I can’t do this to

I can do this!!!

I never succeed in anything I do to

I always succeed in everything I do!!!

And so on and so forward

You get the idea, right?

Now go ahead and stick it on the wall, the mirror, or a place where you can constantly see it and remind yourself how incredible you are.

And every time when you feel down – just have a look at it and remind yourself that

You’re incredible!!!

All my love


Elena Terziyska

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