How Do You “Stick” to a Healthy Plan?

How do you stick to a ‘healthy’ eating plan month after month, without indulging in favorite foods now and again. I can’t seem to do it indefinitely. 2) How do you stop sugar cravings and overcome them once and for all? (Especially after having had a bite or two.

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What often happens is when you decide to change your eating patterns is that you end up throwing everything in.
You change all your meals, start a new exercise regime, get rid of foods that you’d usually overindulge in and decide that this is the time for your new YOU!

But how often does that happen?

How many times has that approach worked for you?

Don’t get me wrong, the above plan can definitely work but only in situations where you’ve trained your “commitment” muscle to such an extend where you know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
But if you’ve had an experience of giving up before you reach your end goal, having that kind of transformation might be a little tricky.

It’s your own journey – go at your own pace.

Here’s what would be a great starting point:

1. Are you still labeling foods as “right or wrong”?
How you perceive food has a deep connection to how you react to it. If you deem food as “wrong” and decide to give up on it for the rest of your life (which let’s face it, how often does that happen?) it’s very likely that this will be the one thing you’d be craving a lot (kind of like the forbidden fruit). Let’s use chocolate for example. If your “commitment” muscle is still a work in progress and you end up having just a little taste of it, you can easily end up having 3 bars of your favorite one. Before you know it, you’re on your sofa huffing and puffing and blaming yourself about the indulgence that you’ve thrown yourself into again. And the guilt feeling becomes that constant attachment to that food and your yet another proof that you self sabotage yourself and can’t do anything right.
I can scream from the top of my lungs that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food and having all sorts of variety in your diet. So how would you feel if you can include a small bar of chocolate everyday as part of your meals? Would it still look so appealing that you’d want to have a lot of it? Or would you be totally ok with having just a few bites knowing that you will still have some more tomorrow and every single day?

2. Think of what you’re gaining rather than what you’re giving up (kind of tied up to 1.)
If you attach a negative emotion to a certain food you’re more than likely to fail at sustaining a healthy relationship with it (think of something that you hate and try to stick to doing for a lifetime, how does that sound?)
E.g – I’m giving up all chocolate and biscuits because I can’t have them anymore, they’re ruining my healthy approach to eating.

Replace that with:
I choose to make the best choices for me because I know that my health is very important and I choose to take care of myself by knowing what is working best towards my goal.
Which leads to the next point below:

3. Ask yourself, why have you decided to change?
There’s always a reason much bigger than you might see on the surface as to why you want to change.
Really think and take your time to realise as to why this is so important to you.
Pick a goal that you want to work towards but make it very specific e.g
I like to have a healthy body by this time next year so I can stop feeling tired, exhausted and sluggish and instead feel full of energy, joy and passion so I cam enjoy life more and enjoy myself more.
Make a big note of it and put it somewhere where you’re constantly reminded of it (your phone backscreen, you computer one or be bold and display it on a big peace of paper in your bedroom) so that way you’d always have that reason behind everything you do and why you shouldn’t give up when the tough gets going.

Elena Terziyska

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