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So I recently asked my fellow mums what their biggest struggle is when it comes to weight loss and new regime and I received the following couple of queries:

  • Finding the time and meal prep
  • Meal prep and which exercises to do at the gym!

So, meal prep is a big issues for a lot of people who start a new life journey so here are my top 5 tips on how to make that an easy option:

Meal prep:

  • Cook in bulk – I found it’s one of the easiest ways to make sure you stay on track with your meals. Take the time once or twice a week and prepare either all of your meals or half of them. Boil some eggs and keep them in the fridge – you can have a quick snack if pekish. Roast / grill some chicken breast, legs, turkey steaks, beef steaks and then freeze half of them (if cooking once). Chop up your veggies and keep them in tupperware in the fridge (mind you, they will only stay in fresh for approx 2-3 days so you’d have to do that at least 2/3 times a week. Have some nice quality biltong to munch on (it’s so amazing and extremely high in protein) – if you live in NW2, make sure to check out the guys at Raging Bull – http://www.ragingbullmeats.com absolutely amazing!!! If you do that twice a week, you can go for a bigger variety and fresher food. Cooked fish doesn’t freeze well as it turns into mush so its best eaten freshly cooked.
  • Get a slow cooker! – Seriously that has been my No 1 life saver! What I tend to do (pretty much every day) is stick some chicken (usually breast as it’s my favourite), green veggies (or any veggies) some water, good quality stock and let it cook overnight and hey presto! In the morning you can have all your daily meals prepared in advance!


  • Make some protein bars so you can grab on the go if in a hurry (recipes in the book)


  • A lot of shop offers pretty much a good variety of ready cooked meals (e.g roast slices of chicken, small bags of nuts, ready made salads) so you can always reach out for the better option when on the go.


  • Have some already boiled rice, roast potatoes or my favourite sweet potato roast fries to have as a healthy carb option and plenty of fruits!

How to to find the time to exercise?

I’ve actually written a post a whole separate post about that (check it out here)


What exercises to do at the gym?


Well, the most dreaded answer to that is – It depends…


It depends what your end goal in mind is, how often you can dedicate to exercising, if you’re looking to add muscle or drop body fat.

So start with the end goal in mind and figure out how much time you can dedicate to achieving your goal.


Are you looking to lose body fat? Can you exercise 3 times a week? – in that case, maybe a good programmed whole body routine with different sets and reps will be your ideal scenario.

Want to add more muscle? Can you exercise 3/4 times a week? – again ,the above applies but sometimes a more orientated split body part routine might be your better option so you can target weaker body parts better.

Want to stay where you are? Can you exercise 2/3 times a week? – you’ve got a big choice here again. You can stick with whole body training or split regime or simply whatever makes you happy, bumps up your heart rate and you truly enjoy!


There are a lot of other options too but the above are most common ones with women.


I hope you’ve found the information useful.




Peace, Love and Laugher

Elena Terziyska

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