Protein waffle

So, I’ve had this idea floating for a very long time about making a “nicer alternative” to waffle, which doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and sluggish.

There’s always a way to reinvent some of your favourite recipes, who said that changing eating habits will need to introduce boring or bland foods?

You can still tickle the same tastebuds but create a better, more nourishing version of what you enjoy.

So here’s my version of a protein waffle (note – enjoy it whilst it’s warm otherwise it doesn’t taste as good)

Protein waffle:


2 eggs

2tbsp coconut flour

2tbsp ground almonds

2tbsp Greek yogurt

Dash of coconut milk or any other milk by your choice

1tbsp of flaxseed

1 sachet (or small jar) of apple puree



1 scoop of protein powder (optional, I used vanilla flavoured one)

Cooking method:

Literally just mix everything together and pour the mixture into a waffle pan.

The quantity I used is enough to make 4 waffles and use your imagination to what kind of toppings you use on top.

One of mine all time favourites is grape molasses (pekmez), it’s naturally sweet, low in sugar and very runny so you only need a small quantity to make it deliciously sweet.


All my love


Elena Terziyska

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