12 weeks program - £499.99 a month or £1250 upfront

  • Full personalised nutritional program with list of foods to support your general wellbeing and get rid of potential intolerance triggers
  • Proven technique to help you beat self doubt and self loathing
  • Ways to teach you how to fall in love with exercise and to help you realise why it is a vital part to keep a healthy body and mind
  • Helping you find the inner balance to juggle everyday life craziness
  • Weekly 30 mins skype calls to help you stay accountable and support you in your journey
  • Biweekly webinars on mindset and nutrition relationships
  • Full supplement program to support your goals and help with anxiety and sleep issues
  • Helping you combat and finally put an end to binge eating through the power of your own relationship with food and body image
  • Access to a closed FB group where you can discuss your problems freely with likeminded people
  • Unlimited email response

3 4 weeks modules

Module 1

Week 1

Understanding why nutrition is more than just calories and how to implement that into everyday food choices

Week 2

What are the MOST important steps to follow when it comes to weight loss and how to make sure we understand them correctly

Week 3

Tackling the real issue of binge eating and introducing “Food and Thoughts” journal to help with staying on track and being more accountable in our choices

Week 4

How to learn that to accept who we are and learn to love our bodies again despite our flaws

Module 2

Week 1

Sleep and stress management and the importance of it in a weight loss journey

Week 2

Healthy gut and why it is the key to a long terms sustainable weight loss protocol

Week 3

Importance of exercise and the way of fitting it into day to day life

Week 4

Why being selfish is sometimes the best thing you can do for you

Module 3

Week 1

Family unit and the importance of support of others

Week 2

Open Q & A webinar

Week 3

Open Q & A webinar

Week 4

The importance of having that self believe that you can do it on your own



12 weeks program - £399.99 a month or £1050 upfront

  • Same as platinum but with monthly 30 mins skype calls rather than weekly
  • Monthly webinar rather than biweekly(recorded q&a webinars rather than open)
  • Email response - unlimited



12 weeks program - £199.99 a month or £550 upfront

  • No skype or webinars(recorded q&a webinars rather than open)
  • Email response – twice a week



  • Full customised nutritional program
  • Easy to perform at home exercises - 20 mins a day
  • Once a week email response

777 program

Day 1

What? Why? When? How?

Day 2

Obstacles and are they actually real

Day 3

Actions if you choose or not to believe your own thoughts

Day 4

Food and nutrition

Day 5


Day 6

Meditation and relaxation importance

Day 7

How to join everything together