Overcoming Emotional Eating Summit

Gosh, can you believe the summit is over?

Those 20 days just went in a haze…

I guess when you put so much work into something (I’m talking 2 months of constant preparation for it) and it suddenly just rans over so quickly it’s hard to get your head around it.

In case you’ve missed the interviews, I’m doing a replay of all of them for the next 72hrs here. 

What is my biggest take you’d ask from this summit?

I’ll start right from the beginning.

When I decided to do the summit, I only had 90 days to get everything done. I procrastinated for 2 weeks, then went away for 2 weeks after that.

So when I was back and ready, I was only left with 60 days! I said “Screw it! I can do it!” And I poured my blood and soul into it.

And the resistance…. Oh the bloody resistance…. And fear

Will there be anyone who’d sign up to it? Will there be anyone who would listen to me? Would I in fact be able to help anyone in the way?

But who the hell was that voice in my head?

Why was I doubting and questioning myself yet again?

See, my friend, the learned behaviour sometimes take a long time to “unlearn”. And bad habits die hard.

But they DO die eventually. Or they hibernate… Whatever you want to call it. The answer is to simply put them down to rest as soon as they rear their heads.


Believe In What You Want To Achieve!!!

Because is so easy to fall into the trap of familiarity, comfort (where nothing is bloody comfortable – but hey! that’s what you know, isn’t it?) and get back to doing what you’re so accustomed to.

But as Einstein once said – Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

What would I have gained if I had given in to my fear?

What would I have gained if I had believed that I can’t do it?

How would my life change if I had stayed at the same place, same level, same old shit.

Realising that you’re so much stronger than your own limiting beliefs is a huge step that you can take to simply move forward.

Someone once said – We are our own thoughts! And whilst I partially agree, I’d say – we are our own actions (or more – our own re-actions and pro-actions)

So I dare you to take the leap of faith and simply go with your dreams and chase them to end! As the once who succeeds is the one that NEVER gives up! No matter how many times he falls!!!


And I did it!

In 2/3rd of the time I had set at the beginning!

And you can see it for yourself here for the next 72hrs




Love, peace and laughter



Elena Terziyska

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