Do you MUST lose weight?

Do you feel like you MUST lose weight in order to prove something?

Do you feel dragged into the whole scenario of lose weight to feel good?

What happens to feeling good and looking ANY bloody way you want?

As long as you’re happy, healthy, clear of any disease (that might be caused by your weight or otherwise) what the hell is wrong with carrying a little bit more extra weight?

Does that define you as a person?

Fuck NO!!!

The only people who are so narrow-minded to pay attention ONLY to the way they look shouldn’t even be in your life.
Their opinion DOESN’T matter! Because you are the person who unlimitedly lives their life!

What’s wrong with simply being healthy? Strong?

I love my body simply the way it is!

yes, it’s been through sooooo many changes and will probably undergo a lot more.

I’ve dieted like crazy

I’ve exercised like crazy

I used to believe that weight was all that it mattered to me so I can be loved and accepted!

I now weight MUCH more than all those years back when I used to thrive for that perfect physique

I can now eat a bowl of pasta, a slice of cake and lift BADASS weights!

I can squat almost 1.5 times my own bodyweight.
I can bench press 3/4 of my own bodyweight.
I can deadlift 1 2/3 of my own bodyweight.
And I just managed my first unassisted chin up.

I’m simply happy feeling strong, not lethargic, healthy and most importantly – NOT GUILTY!

I’m simply proud of my achievements!

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

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Elena Terziyska

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