“How do I fix my head to not be so hard on myself? How can I live my life traveling for work and still eat right?”

“How do I fix my head to not be so hard on myself? How can I live my life traveling for work and still eat right?”

I’ll start with the 2nd part first because it’s the easier way to actually answer the first question.

A lot of the time when you lead a busy life and you’re always on the road being consistent with your nutrition and exercise regime could become a real killer especially when you don’t know where you’re going to stay, quality of food etc etc

But here’re the 3 most important things that are easy to implement right away:

1. Protein, greens, fats

You can always bring the basics with you even if they can only fit in your hand luggage or things that you can pretty much buy from anywhere . Having all those things handy by your side and it’ll be much more difficult to reach out for other things that you wouldn’t usually eat. And here’s my go –to package:

a) Protein powder – get the best quality that your money can buy. Be vigilant about the cheaper ones as it contains a lot of additives. When you’re short of time or food – you can always have a protein shake to fill you up and get you going. You can carry that with you and ask to have it mixed in your Frappuccino instead of the powder that they tend to use when in Starbucks.

b) Greens powder – again, get the best quality.

It’ll provide you with the all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber that veggies and fruits will especially if you’re short of time and there’s no store that you can buy the from.

c) Bag of nuts – always handy!

Nuts have a high calorific content so will keep you fuller for longer and will provide you with all the good fats to keep you going.

d) Canned meat and veggies – always an option!

Ok, it might not be ideal (as with everything above) but at least you’re still getting everything that you need from them! Especially if your only options around are the newsagents, McDonalds and the rest.

2. Exercise equipment – being consistent with your routine.

There’s no reason as to why you can’t still keep exercising when you’re on the go.

A lot of hotels now even go to the extend of offering exercise gear to hear from as little as $5. So you don’t have to worry about your sweaty clothes and how you’re going to wash them.

If the place where you’re staying doesn’t have a gym, you can still get a 15-20mins bodyweight workout in your hotel room, outside or simply go for a run.

A good idea to have is a pair of sliders (or paper plates), rubber bands which won’t weigh a lot, will save you space and you can use them anywhere

3. Acceptance and kindness – enough said!

Being gentle with yourself about any given situation is vital!

Is this the ideal scenario?

Maybe not.

Can you let it ruin everything?

You know the answer to that.

Instead of being upset with the fact that you can’t do everything as well as you might want to, flip your mindset around it and try to be grateful to yourself for simply making the best choices that YOU CAN! And be proud of yourself!

All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter

Elena Terziyska

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