How do I stick to a regime?

How can I stay consistent in a workout and meal plan if I've already tried putting it a calendar and I still don't stay consistent?

I was asked this question in a short survey that I did recently.

And whilst there are many factors that could be leading to this kind of behavior and results, there’re a lot of very common factors that could be contributing to setting yourself for a failure from start.

If you’re constantly feeling “I’m not sticking to a plan, I lose control, I can’t find the time etc etc “ then all you’re doing is you’re reinforcing in yourself a very negative behavior. That creates a rejecting kind of thought process in your mind that makes it so much harder to stay on track and follow your path.

There’re many, many studies that show how creating a negative mindset around everything that you do in life is forcing you to only see that side and never actually appreciate what you’ve achieved so far because you’re only concentrating on the fear, the lack of, the waste.

Here’re the 3 steps that I recommend for anyone who feels they’re constantly struggling and challenging themselves, yet they’re not seeing any results.

1. Be very specific on your goal and create a vision around it 

When you create the image in your mind about what you truly want to get out of a certain plan that you’ve set for yourself you KNOW what you’re working towards. When resistance strikes (which it will more often than not) it’ll make it tad easier to be able to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, to reconnect to your vision and let go of old beliefs that have been holding you back.

2. Include the foods that you've doomed as “bad”

You’re more than likely to stick to a plan when you don’t feel you’re constantly depriving yourself. I’ll always be firm believer that wholesome nutrition should be the base and most staple part in any eating regime but there’s NOTHING wrong with including things that you’re very likely to binge on and in fact I encourage that kind of behavior every single day. You’re less likely to overeat on them if you know that there’ll be there for you to enjoy at anytime. HOWEVER, if you feel that you’re turning to those foods to reinforce the “I’m always failing, I can never do anything” mindset then clearing out your house of those kind of foods is crucial (whatever that food might be) You need to be really clear with yourself on why you might be overeating on those foods – because you feel deprived of them or because you are more likely to reach out for them when you’re feeling down.

By clearing out your cupboards and only leaving food there that’ll nourish your body and mind in a much more positive way you will be able to start seeing the difference in how your body thrives will be tremendous. And you can always donate the food that no longer serves you.

3. Get  your exercise regime in line with your goals

Are you exercising to be healthy? Are you exercising to punish yourself? Are you exercising to make up for something that you feel you shouldn’t have eaten and you’re beating yourself to the ground for it? What is your association around exercise at all?

Do you train better with someone else or on your own?

And by answering all those questions you’d have a much clearer picture on all the why’s that you need to know so you can create a long term sustainable program. And if you get bored, if you get fed up – make sure you take a deloading break every 4-6 weeks so you allow your body and your CNS to recover properly. Don’t kill yourself with exercise only so you can feel like failure again because your body simply can’t take it anymore.

If you’re having difficulties even starting with an exercise – start small and simple.

Start with a walk for 20 min daily every day. Get up a little earlier and just walk outside. And increase that amount gradually until you start seeing how GOOD it feels to be able to move and function better.

Lots of love


​Love, Peace and Laughter 

Elena Terziyska

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