I Honestly Can’t Remember Your Face…

I used to feel faceless…

You’d probably ask what the hell does that mean.

You know, when you meet someone for a first time and you don’t see them for years to come and one day you bump into them.

I always used to believe that people will never recognise me.

That I have this unmemorable face of someone who is so boring and not worth remembering.

That if people saw me with sunglasses on they’ll never recognise my face.

And it always used to come as a shock to me when it turned out that in fact people DO remember me.

And then there’ll be the endless internal questions:

How can they remember me?

What is so memorable about me?

Seriously! What do they remember me with, there’s nothing that interesting about me.

And repeating How can they remember me? How can they remember me? How can they remember me?


I just never believed I was worth remembering.

I just never believed I was worthy!

Yes, I kept repeating the mantra in my head that of course I deserve something good in my life, of course I deserve people to remember my face and my personality but I never truly believed it.

You know, sometimes “just thinking positive” is never enough.

You never end up facing the true reason as to why you’re actually doubting yourself with everything you do.

This is kind of like taking a pain relief if you simply have a headache – you’re masking the real reason as to WHY you’re having the headache.

I get that self analysis could be very powerful as well as very destructive. But to get to the bottom of the problem you need to dig deep and find the root cause of it. Otherwise you’d never know what caused your bloody headache.

Why do you doubt yourself?

The way we perceive ourselves is ultimately how others perceive us. And as much as we’d like to prove otherwise, we radiate that with every fibre of our body and mind.

Why DON’T you think you deserve more?

Surely you can keep repeating to yourself that you’re worthy, that you deserve a better life, better job, better body, better mind but do you TRULY believe that? What ACTIONS have you taken to change everything that you don’t like? But most importantly, why DON’T you like it?

And that leads to the next questions:

Why DON’T you like your current life situation, your job, your body, your mind?

You HAVE the choice to change that!

Everything that WE do in our life comes down to choices – good, bad ones – irrelevant.

If your boss is mean to you – you CAN’T change HIM but you can change how you REACT to him.

If your life is spiralling down because of a bad relationship, money problems – seek advice! Take the first step and make the FIRST choice to CHANGE that.

If you’re not happy with your body – you HAVE the power to change how you see yourself and your body (and I’ll go into a deeper discussion here)

You only get one body! Treasure it! Irrespective of how it looks!

Your body is your temple, your home for your mind, your protection.

It helps YOU be YOU!

Nourish it, take care of it, feed it all the nourishing foods that it needs to function properly, foods that will make it stronger, healthier and more susceptible to illness. And it’ll thank you in return!

It’ll be able to walk faster, to run after your kids for longer, to climb more stairs without getting out of breath, to simply help you live longer.

And that’s kind of strongly interlinked with a better mind!

Instead of giving in to your strong negative emotions, acknowledge them and ask yourself the question – How can I change my current situation? What CAN and WILL I do to improve my quality of mind and life?

The more you think about the negative concepts, they’ll ultimately lead to more like this and you’ll create the avalanche effect where it’ll be very, very hard to go back to the top of the mountain of healthy thoughts.


Access your thought process more often! And start changing your life for the better.


Because you deserve it!




Peace, Love and Laughter


Elena Terziyska

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