Hmmmm, coffee or not?

To Coffee or Not to Coffee?

So it was 3.30 am and I just woke up.

My older boy came to the bedroom to tell me that he’d had a nightmare.

I helped him settle back but by the time I left his bedroom I was fully awake.

And decided to start my day.

You know, there were times when coffee was a huge part of my day – I’d drink between 3-4 cups of it.

Then I went through a cold phase – with none at all.

There’s so much contradictory beliefs out there regarding coffee but here’re the most common ones and the ones that will probably make most sense to you

Coffee is good! – contains antioxidants, it helps with fat loss and mental alertness

No wait!

Coffee is bad! – it contains too much caffeine, you shouldn’t drink more than 2 cups a day, no coffee after 4pm…

OK, so which one is it?

The answer is, in fact, BOTH!

Too much caffeine (in whatever form – coffee, green tea, black tea etc) especially consummated after 4pm (it does in fact take 6hrs for caffeine to leave your CNS) will wreck havoc in your body.

And if you load it up with lots of sugar and milk it almost becomes equivalent to one of your daily meals.

However, be sensible about it – and there’s nothing wrong with it!

Stick to great quality ground coffee (the one in the picture above is awesome!), avoid instant ones (they go through a helluva way of processing to get it to the form that it is and is loaded with chemicals that aren’t that great on your system)

Have no more than 2 a day and no later than 4pm - you want to give your body some time to recover from the stressful day.

Try some herbal teas instead – there’re sooooo many varieties out there! Take your pick! Or stick to a good quality decaf one.

And you don’t have to always go for the same boring style – try being creative!

And here’s one a really yummy recipe (this was made with a decaf coffee as I’ve already had one today)

​Coffee ProCcino (that's the protein coffee ccino)

Good dollop of greek yogurt

Cup of cold coffee

Scoop of vanilla protein powder


Dash of vanilla

Coconut milk

Teaspoon of almond butter

Handful of ice

Shredded coconut (to garnish)

Blend everything and finish with some shredded coconut on top

Oh, yes, this does become a meal on its own, but it has all the goodness of high quality proteins and good fats in it so it could well be 1 of your daily meals.

Often making small tweaks into the meals / drinks you consume will help you stay on track with your health and when you’re being considered of what your intake is and how that affects your body and mind it’ll be so much easier to spot where the next challenge is.

All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter​

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