Has Grandpa Seen Dinosaurs?

I was reading a story with my little boy today (who’s 5 btw) and suddenly halfway through the story he turned to me and said:


“Mum, has grandpa seen real dinosaurs?”


And I looked at him and said:

“Do you mean like real dinosaurs?”

“Yeah, he was alive when they were, wasn’t he?”


Oh man! I just couldn’t stop laughing! I seriously laughed so much that I got belly ache.

And my poor baby was just sitting there with a frown on his face saying “What’s so funny?”

Once I got my breathing under control I said to him:

“Oh sweetie, as old as grandpa is, dinosaurs were alive millions and millions of years before he was even born”

And then he asked again:

“Like when his grandpa was alive?”

Trying to control my laughter again, I replied “Nope, not even then”


It’s funny how kids have no concept of time and they don’t usually get to understand that till they’re much older like, well… us

but how incredible would that be?

If there’s no time limitation to anything?

If you don’t have to wait for the next day, for the next week, for the next amazing thing?


How amazing would it be if you could do everything in your own schedule, in your own time, in your own frame?

Amazing, isn’t it?

Unachievable? Not really!

Actually quite the opposite!

Creating the clear picture in your mind of what you want in life, really visualising what you can do with your heart and soul will diminish every barrier that’s out there!

It’ll feel so much easier to work towards something that you really believe that you want and deserve rather than something that you’d never get.

because at the end that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And you’ll prove yourself how right you are yet again for failing.

But how about changing the idea for a second and visualise success rather than failure?

It requires the same mental effort to cultivate a positive dream into a reality as it does a negative one.

And if you’ve already had the experience with the latter, why not simply try the first?

You might simply get everything you’ve ever wished for.


All my love



Love,Peace and Laughter



Elena Terziyska

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