How Do You Get In Touch With Your Body?

I recently did a survey where I simply asked women what is it that they think they mostly need help with.

I got one question which was really phenomenal :

"How does one "get in touch with your body?" or "listen to you body?" I don't get that."

To get in touch with our body first and foremost we have to get in touch with ourselves and our souls.

You've probably heard me saying a lot : Take some time aside, find a quiet spot and ask yourself the question that you need an answer for

The reason why I do this is because what we often ask for is the result that we think we need, not the reason behind it. Great place to start with but not deep enough.

So how do you get in touch with your body?

Your body speaks to you every single day, every minute, every second.

It gives you signs and signals about everything that’s going on in your life – you just have to open up a little more and “hear” it.

Your body wants to thrive! It wants YOU TO THRIVE!

It keeps you alive, it keeps you moving, it keeps you safe.

So when it comes to food, emotions, distractions and nourishment – it’s really easy to neglect all the signs.

What is it that you feel when you’re eating a meal? Do you even think about that? Do you think about how you can provide everything for your body so it keeps functioning on an optimal level?

So here’re the 3 most common things to look out for when your body is talking to you:

1. How do I feel after a meal? 

Did it leave me satisfied? Did it leave me energetic? Do I feel sluggish or do I feel nourished? Starting with a chart and exploring how every meal leaves you feeling for the next few hours after you’ve had it will help you paint a clearer picture on what foods works best for you and what not. Once you’re able to recognize the clear signs it’ll be so much easier to avoid them. So bringing a little bit more awareness around what serves you best is a key component here.

2. Do I feel hungry shortly after a meal? 

If you start feeling really, really hungry (on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being completely starving and 10 being completely full) and you’re somewhere around 7/8 about then the meal that you had to start with simply wasn’t nourishing enough. We’re surrounded with food within our reach! And it makes it so much easier to reach out for something when we’re not even thinking about it especially when we’re in the constant state of feeling a little hungry, a little peckish. And it’s so easy to overeat in that kind of situation. So make sure that what you eat fills you up, leaves you satisfied and nourishes you so you don’t have to reach out for something an hour later. Being constantly hungry, constantly unsatisfied is the easiest start to overeating.

3. What am I really hungry for? 

What is it that makes you reach out for something that you know isn’t going to serve any purpose in your journey? Having that little piece of satisfaction when you know that shortly after is bound to leave you feeling like s**t because of the overwhelming feeling of negativism after that? All the self talk that starts with – What did you do that for? You shouldn’t have eaten it, you can’t achieve anything, you’re such a failure and etc etc.

You know the feeling, right? It’s not easy! It’s a very well learned thought process that takes time and a lot of self - compassion to work through.

What is the current void that you’re feeling and try to feed in your life? What is the pain that you’re trying to escape from? Or running towards?

How would finally taking care of that change you? How would it change your relationship with yourself and your body?

I know there’re a lot of questions, but taking time to answer them all will truly put a lot in perspective and you can have a much, much clearer idea of why you do what you do.

Would it be easy? Probably not…

Would it be painless? Probably not…

Would it be worth it?

100000 times YES!!!

All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter

Elena Terziyska

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