What the F is procrastination and what the heck can we do about it


Procrastination, oh dear lord

The one thing that stops us from achieving our dreams, the one thins that stops us dead in our tracks, the one thing that although we know how nasty in fact it is – we get easily addicted to.

Why? Because we have to give up our habit, comfort and control to some extend

We create all the reasons in our head as to why we can’t achieve what we want to achieve and our mind easily come up with all the excuses as to why that’s impossible.

And here’s how planning everything that you do in life will have a massive impact on conquering that.

A lot of people believe (and myself included for a very long time) that having structure in your life will actually take away your freedom.

But this is in fact the big contradictory truth – having structure will clear your mind, your day, your aims and goals from all the fluff that we believe is important.

I used to feel suffocated if I had to make a plan for what I was doing.

It used to feel like such a burden – why, or why do I have to follow some stupid routine when all I want is freedom!

But the more I didn’t plan, the more I realised I didn’t have an inking as to what I was doing, was I doing it right, was I doing it wrong, did it work in my favour or against me…

Everything was chaos and when chaos sets in – welcome in procrastination too.

It gets so easy to feel confused, to feel overwhelmed and so close to giving up on your dreams.

So one of my keys to success and something that is recommended by a lot of very successful people is to have a strategic plan in place.

Plan your year, then plan your 6months, plan your next 12 weeks and then break it down to week by week.

Once you narrow it down to weekly schedule, start working on a day to day basis.

Write down the things you want to accomplish in the next day the night before and then revisit that list first thing in the morning.

Build up your day so you move closer to accomplishing your goals rather than moving away from it. Put the most important tasks first, give yourself certain time to achieve them and stick to it.

Switch off your phone, your email, your communication with anyone else.

This is the time when you prioritize EVERYTHING that moves you closer – it’s all about YOUR goals, not anyone else’s.

Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Heard that a lot? – possibly.

Is it true? – I’ll let you make up your mind.


All my love



Elena Terziyska

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