Are you eating enough nourishing foods?

A bit of a random question, but do you believe in star signs’ qualities and descriptions?

Being a Taurus, my mum always used to joke that I’m as stubborn as a bull.

No idea if that’s true but the stubbornness part is true enough. However, I prefer to refer to that as determination (or sometimes pure old stupidity :D)


The reason why I’m mentioning this is because a few days ago (whilst the whole family was back in Bulgaria) I was on my way back from the gym after an awesome sweaty session.

As it was still very cold in the showers at the gym, I decided to shower at home instead.

However, the temperatures outside were -10’.

Kos (my husband) kept saying to me to change before that but allowing my stubbornness to take over, I refused to do so because, you know, I haven’t been ill in like years.

And I guess you already know what the end result was – snotty nose, nasty cough and shivers all over my body. So much for being stubborn and never ill 😀

However, I know that a good nutrition, especially when your immune system is down, is in fact crucial.

I’m still training every day, although at much lower intensity, as my chest can’t seem to be dealing well with a lot of heavy breathing.

I’m taking extra Vit C – 5g daily and Echinacea twice daily (I kind of like the effervescent kind so it’s been rather tasty)

And I’m stocking up on even more fresh veggies and fruits, most of which have higher quantity of Vit C to help me combat the cold.

So, this will be my “recipe” for a “Tasty Monday” – when you want to get rid of a cold quicker, build up a stronger immune system and still keep going with your daily life (btw I’m no doctor, so please if you’re really worried about your health, contact your GP immediately)

5g Vit C daily

Like a boss!

Echinacea – twice daily

Green drinks – 2 teaspoons daily (I love Vital Greens, it’s one of the only ones that is easy on my stomach and my kids love the kiddie’s version too)

Increase your fruits and vegetables consumption– orange, lemon, kiwi, carrots, kale, spinach, peppers, apples, pineapple etc etc

There’s no reason to give up on your goals and training regime if you feel unwell but be smart about it. Go with how you feel, lower the intensity and stop if you feel it’s necessary.

All my love


I’m off to San Diego tomorrow for my Marketing Mastery 3 day intensive course with my coach.

I’m so excited to be travelling again and to experience such an amazing transformation on both business and personal level.

Just under a year and a half ago I put this as one of my Life Goals for the next 3 years – to travel 5-6 times a year.

Last year alone I travelled 6 times and this year, this is my 2nd trip already.

Dream and plan big! Stretch yourself much more outside your comfort zone!

You don’t need to know how you’re going to get to that goal – your plan has already been created for you, but you need to know where you’re going!

Elena Terziyska

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