Your Best Self Now

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When Dave was 18 years old, a classmate made a comment about his "skinny arms." This tiny critique, even though it meant no harm, suddenly made him self-conscious about his body. He had never thought about his "skinny arms" before, but in an instant, he hated them.

It was this self-consciousness that prompted him to go to the gym for the first time in his life. He had to "fix" his body so that nobody would be able to make a hurtful observation like that again.

He knows what it's like to wish for a different body.

And that's why he's been working in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and was named Canada's Top Fitness Professional. He understands what it's like to become fixated on appearance, feeling like so many things "have to" change in order to be a valuable person.

Now his mission is to help others overcome this unhealthy fixation while still being able to improve their fitness and reach their weight-loss goals.

About your host:

Elena Terziyska is a life, nutrition and body-positive coach who has dealt with a 14yrs battle of binge eating and body image issues. After discovering the root cause of her problems she finally broke free from the viscous cycle. In her journey she actually found her passion in life and realised how many other women also suffer in silence and are constantly fighting the battle of feeling the need to be accepted and to constantly rebel against that. Weight training and nourishing food (and good coffee!) lover, you’d find her passionately helping women reclaim their strength and love towards themselves through the power of good nutrition, exercise and healthy mindset.