Courgette Lasagna

Welcome to another mouthwatering recipe.

What is your favourite meal but you worry that it doesn’t serve you well enough?

There might be something in it that you find you react in a certain way?

Well, for me unfortunately that’s wheat and other gluten containing products.

I get horrible pains, get bloated and gassy and the whole experience just isn’t worth the taste.

So I try to come up with my own ideas (or borrow someone else’s) when it comes to classic delicious recipes.

So here’s my recipe for Courgette Lasagna:


3-4 courgettes sliced into circles (and 2-3 more for the sauce)

1 Ramiro pepper (or any other, this is just my favourite one)

300g lean mince (whatever one you fancy, I get mine from the local butcher, it’s less than 10% fat, pure meat grinded before my eyes thats 50% pork and 50% beef)

A tin of tomatoes

garlic(2-3 cloves)

fresh basil leaves

2 Mozarella balls

Coconut oil


Cooking method:

Before you start everything else you need to prepare your sauce first.

Add a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil to a pan and the chopped garlic and basil leaves.

Fry until lightly brown and add 2-3 sliced courgettes and the sliced pepper.

Cover with a lid and allow the veggies to soften (about 7-8mins)

Then add the tin of tomatoes for further 5mins.

Allow to cool and use either a handheld chopper of a blender to blend everything into a thick sauce.

And then:


Step 1: Grease the bottom of the roasting dish (I just used some butter straight from the package and rubbed the bottom) The arrange the courgette circles so they’re slightly overlapping. (this is a picture of the 2nd layer, I forgot to take one of the 1st)


Step 2: Spread half of the sauce over the courgettes and then add more courgette circles on top (continue for as many layers as you wish until you run out of both courgettes and sauce but finish off with courgettes on top)

Step 3: Top with some sliced mozzarella (I used 2 balls) and finish off with some spices (the one I used is a traditional Bulgarian one called Tchubritza)

And this is the end result! You can also top this with a generous dollop of Greek yogurt. Enjoy!!!!

And this is the end result!
You can also top this with a generous dollop of Greek yogurt.

Elena Terziyska

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