You Can’t Find Time To Exercise? Think again!

How often do you find time to exercise?

Do you feel like it’s a constant struggle to fit that into your life?

I know how it feels!

When you’re a busy mum that can rarely have time to put a pair of the same socks on her feet, when can you actually fit an hour of your time?

And to make it worse, there are all those trainers and fit people who keep boasting about how an hour of your time is only 1/24th of your day and the rest.

But let’s take the LACK of time out of the equation and think how you actually PERCEIVE one hour spend and roll the ball backwards.

Would it feel any different if now instead of talking of 1hr of exercise you think about the BENEFITS that it brings you?

Aside of the fact that it will INCREASE your metabolism, thus improve your potential and capability of burning calories and fat, it will also lead to the following:

1. Increased CV capacity – meaning your heart won’t have to beat as fast to pump the same amount of blood through your body.

2. Improved muscle mass (and stop thinking about those steroid type of women that you’re likely to associated with, after all your heart is a muscle too) and less fat (one helps the other)

3. Increased energy so you don’t constantly feel drained and lethargic – being more productive, happier and more fun to be around!

4. Improved sex life (well, no explanation needed here wink emoticon

5. Increased life longevity – (again, no explanation here)

And there are many, many more but the most important point to take home is the fact that you DON’T have to do it in 1hr.

You can easily do it in 20 mins a day!

And tell me seriously that you can’t fit 20 mins a day to improve your life!

How different will that make it for you and all your loved ones

Love, peace and laughter

Elena x

Elena Terziyska

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