Breakfast Pancakes

This is one my kids favourite breakfast. They love pancakes and instead of sticking to the traditional recipe of egg, milk and flour I've made my own revamped version.

So here it is:


5-6 eggs

Chia seeds

Flax seeds

Porridge oats

Ground almonds (or almond butter)

Milk by your choice (Nase, my older one prefers goat's milk)

I forgot to take pictures of the mixture but the consistency is pretty much ip to you. If you prefer thinner, bigger pancakes, make it runnier. If you prefer the American style, smaller and thicker - make ​a little bit thicker mixture.

Whizz everything in a blender and fry in a pan with a high smoking point oil - coconut, rapeseed or butter.

Garnish with whatever tickles your tastebuds - I'm quite lucky because I get this high quality raw honey from Bulgaria which is incredible! I also like to use Pekmez (turkish grape molasses) and some feta cheese. Let me know what your favourite topping is by commenting below.

All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter ​

Elena Terziyska

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