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The day I got attacked…

I haven’t told you this story but it was something that touched me very deeply and I wanted to share it with you.It’s a little longer than my usual rumbles to you but I promise you it’ll be worth your time.It happened roughly 2 months ago..We live in a ground floor flat of a small 3 story building in […]

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Do I want to lose weight?

Do I want to lose weight?Is that thought still lurking on the back of your mind?Do you recognise the repeated pattern This whole never ending cycle can truly take over your life.And sometimes after a lot of failed attempts, it’s soooo easy to get stuck in the overeating / emotional eating place that you don’t […]

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Supplements – yes or no?

Supplements… Do we need them? Are they absolute necessity? ​If you’re eating a widely varied diet, do we actually need to supplement with extras?Just like everything else out there in the nutritional world, the controversy around supplements and their “correct’ use is still very confusing.The key word here is in fact – supplement! Something that becomes […]

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Breakfast Pancakes

This is one my kids favourite breakfast. They love pancakes and instead of sticking to the traditional recipe of egg, milk and flour I’ve made my own revamped version.So here it is:Ingredients: 5-6 eggsChia seedsFlax seedsPorridge oatsGround almonds (or almond butter)Milk by your choice (Nase, my older one prefers goat’s milk)I forgot to take pictures […]

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Are you eating enough nourishing foods?

A bit of a random question, but do you believe in star signs’ qualities and descriptions?Being a Taurus, my mum always used to joke that I’m as stubborn as a bull.No idea if that’s true but the stubbornness part is true enough. However, I prefer to refer to that as determination (or sometimes pure old […]

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Almond / Cashew Butter

I love a good nut butter! So I’ve decided to finally make one myself.It’s pretty easy, just a couple of ingredients, good blender and ​that’s it!Ingredients:1 cup of Cashews and 1/2 cup of Almonds (but pretty much any nuts will do)1 big ​tablespoon of coconut oil (I actually think that a melted one might be […]

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How Was Your Year?

It’s only 3 days left till the start of the New Year.Do you tend to think and reflect back on what has happened in the previous one?I must admit, I don’t often do so.I tend to concentrate on what I want the next year to bring, how I can improve and achieve more.But this year […]

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Still obsessing over food?

“While planning food do you still have the feelings of obsessing about food and what to eat?”   Hey! How has your week been? Only 11 days till Christmas, where has this year gone?   I’m so excited about Christmas! I simply love this time of the year where everything is so joyful and full […]

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Courgette Lasagna

Welcome to another mouthwatering recipe. What is your favourite meal but you worry that it doesn’t serve you well enough? There might be something in it that you find you react in a certain way? Well, for me unfortunately that’s wheat and other gluten containing products. I get horrible pains, get bloated and gassy and […]

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