Are you ALWAYS looking for the external confirmation?

Are you ALWAYS looking for the external


What is it that usually shakes your

confidence down? Have you noticed that? Is it

sometimes something that you do or something

that someone else has done? How do you deal

with it at the time? Do you look for external

motivation to seek approval or do you tend to

find that within you? Do you actually have it

within you? Are you seeing a confidence

booster or a general help?

Wow, I kind of dumped a lot of questions on

you today to start with but I think that

getting the answer to each one of them is

actually detrimental to ANY of your



Have you felt that you’ve reached a point in

your life where you kind of feel that you are

“there” within your goal and then bam!

Something goes wrong and you end up

questioning everything that you do.

You end up seeking advice for help! But

you’ve put that person you’re seeking advice

from so high up on a pedestal that they

simply can’t do no wrong! You idolise them!

You KNOW they hold the answers to your

questions! So you go to them to ask for help!

But what if you already KNOW the answers? Do

you ACTUALLY need that external influence to

answer them? 99.9 % of the time – YOU DON’T!

You don’t need ME to help you with your

struggles if you have failed because of

someone else. You don’t need ANYONE else to

give you the answers that you already HAVE.

So why the HECK am I writing this then?

Because I want to think of the reasons as to

why you might feel resistant to the thought

to having the power within you.

Because I want to help you realise that some

things that happen are OUT of your control.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no better idea

than looking for help from others when you

generally want to improve your self being and


But please, don’t do it so you can put

yourself down.

Don’t do it to prove to yourself that you

don’t know what you already know.

Because the real chance is that you won’t

take anyone’s advice on a first place just

because there might be a reason that you’re

seeking to fail.

Do you have the answer already?

Or are you truly seeking help?

Or maybe is just a guidance to steer you in

the right direction of the map within you?

All might sound very profound but try to read

this at least another 3-4 times and you just

might get this light bulb moment!

If you TRULY decided that you need help – I’m


If not, it’s amazing that you’ve found your

answers already.

And that’s a joy that is worth sharing with

everyone else!




Elena (moment of reality) Terziyska


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Elena Terziyska

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