"Overcoming binge eating so you finally gain back control in your life"

I understand that you finally want to put an end to this viscous cycle.

You've been trying to transform your body for years and years. Have tried all the diets and slimming clubs. Yet you find yourself constantly hungry, fed up and bingeing more than ever.

Other people don't seem to understand. You fight that internal battle where you constantly wake up every single day thinking how you can change yourself.

You are beyond fed up! You've probably tried more than your fair share of diets and slimming clubs only to find out they work temporarily and you end up heavier than when you started.

Fitting everything into your busy lifestyle is a nightmare! Hey, I know what that's like! Do you feel like 24hrs in a day is never enough?

You often find that you just can't wait for the busy day to be over so you can simply hide in the kitchen and indulge in your favourite tub of ice cream. Before you know it, you've topped it up with a packet of biscuits, a jar of chocolate spread and you've just realised how far you've gone!

You feel like shit! You start crying! You end up so pissed off with yourself that you promised yourself that you are totally going to change everything from tomorrow!!

Only to find the same situation repeating itself over and over and over again.

And you finally give up and you tell yourself that it's completely normal to feel like this.

You just don't know how to break the cycle.

That's where I can help you!

My programs are designed with people just like you in mind!

So you can break free of this heaviness on your shoulders that has been bringing you down!

I'll give you the short version of my story because otherwise I could be here for hours!

I can't remember the first time I binge ate, it had become a part of my life for so long.

I was constantly on some kind of diets only to find myself severely restricting myself to eating like crazy a few short days after I started.

The feeling of guilt, self hatred and failure had become part of my life.

I always tried to succeed on other parts of my life and miserably failed when it came to losing weight or improve the way I looked.

See it took me years to realise that actually I was never overweight before but I just couldn't fight off the feeling that I need to lose a few pounds whether it meant through dieting or over exercising! I was NEVER happy with the way I looked.

My marriage almost fell apart, I was going through days of starving myself and bingeing like crazy to the point of smashing plates in the kitchen if I couldn't find enough chocolate to stuff myself.

And this time the pattern was stronger than ever. I was bingeing almost every single night.

And that was when I realised that I had to change my life around.

In my journey I actually found my passion in life and realised how many other women suffer in silence what I have suffered from. Not just the idea of dropping a bit of weight but also how wanting to constantly change yourself .

With the help of an amazing therapist I discovered a suppressed memory from a sexual abuse that started from a very early age and continued to my teens. My ideas of changing my body were actually to help me escape the reality of what had happened to me.

But the reality is that I can't change my past! What happened to me doesn't define me! But

I learned A LOT from it!

It's a lifelong journey! I still aim very high at what I want to achieve! I still have doubts and struggles with accepting myself! But the reality is so much more different now and I learned to love myself for who I am.

The reality is that a lot of women suffer like that in silence!

But it doesn't have to be this way! That's why I want to help women like you who have experienced the pain in feeling alone in your journey.

You can get there! You can win the battle! It's just learning how 🙂

That's where I can help you achieve that the same way I have helped many other women.

  •  No more binge eating
  • Learning to love your body
  • Creating a healthy relationship with food for life

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Claire was training up to 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day.

She was eating healthy yet every now and again she would find herself mindlessly overeating even on healthy foods.

She is now completely happy with her weight, found out the root cause of her bingeing and is becoming fitter, stronger and more content.


Petya had tried every single diet (juicing, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, starving herself etc etc)

Yet she would find herself reaching out for a bite of tiramisu and a few minutes later she'd find she's eaten the whole thing without even realising.

She has finally started eating MORE, introducing 3 solid meals in her diet and lost 5kg in 6 weeks.


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