3 Points Wednesday on a Thursday (oooops)

I have lost 100 lbs. countless times so do you really think this accepting your body and loving yourself is really possible got those really overweight just not 20 or 30 lbs and if you have health issues to deal with how do you do this without going on another diet?

So in today’s 3 Points Wednesday I’m going to answer a question on how to lose weight when you have to deal with health issues but you don’t want to go on another diet (please don’t send the diet police when I mention the word diet)

You might think you shouldn’t never try to lose weight again or maybe you’re fearing the fact that somehow losing weight is wrong.

And I get that! However, losing weight because of a health issue is a totally different thing.

Did I mention earlier how many people who go on a diet end up putting the weight back on and even more than that in less than 2 yrs?

The unfortunate part is that people who often go on a diet suffer from a low self-esteem. They might not show it on the outside, but they hide it deep within themselves.

Not being deserving enough or good enough becomes their reality. So whatever change they might decide to take upon in the weight loss journey will become “that thing” where you’re running the risk to lose that “not good enough” mantra and change your life.

And if you’ve never believed you deserve it in a first place, getting it will always feel wrong hence why you can easily self-sabotage yourself without even knowing it.

So changing your mindset around it should become your priority.

Rather than thinking of a diet, try to think of changing eating habits so you can become healthier in the long run – weight loss could be the added bonus if your health is suffering.

Starting from a place of self love where you realise that you’re so important that no one else can take that away from you and acknowledging that by being compassionate towards yourself, you can continue on a journey where you take care of yourself, love yourself even more each day and learn to make good choices with YOU in mind.

Realizing that you deserve a positive change in your life is another very important thing.

Switching off the negative self-talk in your head that is constantly talking you out of your dreams, acknowledging it but not allowing it to stay there is another.

Take good loo around all the things that you’ve achieved in your life!

There’s so much to be grateful for! Granted you might not feel in the best or healthiest shape of your life but that’s simply a stage now that you get choose how to change!

1. Being aware of negative self-talk! – Are you even aware that you’re doing it? How does that make you feel and what do you do about it? Do you avoid it or confront it? Hiding away from it might help you in the moment but won’t do anything in a long run. And the issue will become bigger and bigger because you haven’t dealt with it. Acknowledging that and moving away and not dwelling on kinds of thoughts that can sweep you off like and avalanche.

2. Changing your habits – Clearing out your cupboards and getting rid of things that you know aren’t serving you well and you’re more than likely to overeat on is a very important piece. If it’s not within an easy reach – it’s going to be more difficult to get a hold of it. If it something you want to stay clear of – don’t purchase it. Stock up on foods that are nourishing, full of essential ingredients, macro and micro nutrients that will make your body function on a better level and leave you energised and glowing (think fresh fruits and veggies, meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, nuts, butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc)

3. Find an accountability partner – trusting your goal with someone else will mean that you’re less likely to steer of track and give up to old habits. Find someone who understands you, who is very clear on why you’re doing this and is not likely to “soften you up” with sweet words when the tough gets going but is strong enough not to give up on you when you want to do that. Your brain is constantly seeking ways to find what is comfortable for you and that might mean giving up on our dreams because what you’re doing now is totally different than what you were doing before. But just think about how that “before” has served you up till now. Has that helped you or kept you in the darkness? Why did you decide to change on a first place? If you’ve got a history of self sabotage – GET A PARTNER! I can’t stress this out enough! You’d need that strength to push through when all you want to do is give up.

All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter

Elena Terziyska

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