3 Points Wednesday 16th Nov

Why do I get half way to my goal and then the old habits start creeping in?

So I decided to make this Wednesday all about answering some questions and having 3 Points on how you can get the right answers.

So here’s one of the many questions that I received:

“Why do I get half way to my goal and then the old habits start creeping in?”

That’s such an awesome question!

Well, let me start with something that I learned throughout my own journey and my clients’ journey.

Often when you start on a path to change, you might tend to throw many things at once.

You might try new way of eating, new way of thinking, new way of moving.

But the bottom line is – we’re creatures of habit.

Just look around your life – the majority of the things that you do are most likely habitual.

Dressing yourself, brushing your teeth, taking a shower (whatever the order of those for you is), you’re simply surrounded by tasks that more or less have become a constant in your life, even if it’s something like eating habits, exercise (or the lack of) and direction of your thoughts.

Often when we talk about a total transformation, we’re thinking of the whole package – body, mind and soul. So how can you start changing your ways and not allow old habits to overcome this new way of living that you want to create for yourself.

1. Start small! Honestly!

You might want to change and you might want to change everything right now! But don’t overwhelm yourself.

It’s been proven that a new habitual behaviour takes approx. 21 days to form so pick one thing, only one and really concentrate on mastering that before you move onto the next change. It could be something really simple, like – drink more water daily. That’s it! For the next 3 weeks you don’t have to concentrate on anything else but making sure that you don’t even have to think about drinking more water anymore simply because you’re already doing that habitually.

Get some post it notes, write “Drink 1 more glass of water” and put it all over your house where you’re bound to see it more often.

2. Find an accountability partner

Connect with someone who really understands your reason to change and who can stick behind you. But not someone who can easily buy into your reasons as to why you want to give up.

Someone who will support you but is also ready to call you out on your BS when the tough gets going and you want to give up. Having a strong support is vital, especially when you’ve faced the problem of giving up before. It doesn’t mean you’re week, in fact quite the opposite.

It means you’re ready to face your challenges and do everything in your power to not give up this time.

3. Keep your mind’s eye on the end goal

Remember that thing that you wanted so badly at the beginning? That’s your big reason WHY!

When it starts getting harder, which it will inevitably, focusing on why you wanted to do that on a first place is vital.

Write down your end goal and place it on a place where you can clearly see very often to remind you as to why you wanted that so badly. Don’t allow yourself to talk yourself out of your dreams because you’re facing a challenge. When you overcome that challenge, anything else will become so much easier because you’ll already have the satisfaction of knowing that you didn’t give up and you didn’t let yourself down.

All my love


Love, Peace and Laughter

Elena Terziyska

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