Discover the REAL reasons behind

emotional eating and your desire to

lose weight 

Have you tried every single diet out there?

Are you on a constant mission to lose weight and change your body?
Do you constantly find yourself doing absolutely amazing and then stuffing your face with whatever you can get your hands on?

Sounds familiar?

Do you find yourself being constantly judged by the way you look?You know the inside outs of every single diet but you're still looking for the next one to stop you from bingeing and help you lose weight?

I know how much it sucks!

You've reached a breaking point where you just don't know which way to go and who to turn to.Your partner doesn't understand, they think you're just being silly and a little obsessed.Everyone tells you you're ok but deep down you hate yourself. Your energy capacity equals zero and you just can't be bothered with anything anymore.

Binge eating isn't a life sentence! You CAN break free

I suffered from binge eating disorder for over 14 yrs. I KNOW what it feels like.

I've helped a lot of women realise why they feel the urge to overeat and have spent the last 3 yrs researching the triggers.

I understand how difficult it is to try to find a solution that works for you and doesn't feel like you're giving up on everything you love.

That's why my coaching program will help you discover the reason behind your binge eating without you saying goodbye to chocolate or wine.

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Claire was training up to 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day.

She was eating healthy yet every now and again she would find herself mindlessly overeating even on healthy foods.

She is now completely happy with her weight, found out the root cause of her bingeing and is becoming fitter, stronger and more content.


Petya had tried every single diet (juicing, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, starving herself etc etc)

Yet she would find herself reaching out for a bite of tiramisu and a few minutes later she'd find she's eaten the whole thing without even realising.

She has finally started eating MORE, introducing 3 solid meals in her diet and lost 5kg in 6 weeks.


Features of my coaching programs

  • Full personalised nutritional program with list of foods to support your general wellbeing and get rid of potential intolerance triggers
  • Proven technique to help you beat self doubt and self loathing
  • Ways to teach you how to fall in love with exercise and to help you realise why it is a vital part to keep a healthy body and mind
  • Helping you find the inner balance to juggle everyday life craziness
  • Skype calls to help you stay accountable and support you in your journey
  • Webinars on mindset and nutrition relationships
  • Full supplement program to support your goals and help with anxiety and sleep issues
  • Helping you combat and finally put an end to binge eating through the power of your own relationship with food and body image
  • Access to a closed FB group where you can discuss your problems freely with like minded people
  • Unlimited email response

So to try a taste of what my coaching programs are all about

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